CES HEAVEN 2020: TM 188 Short Version

This week on the regular version of Tech’s Message, the first of two special episodes, starting with CES Heaven, where we’ll be remarking on the most marvellous of the electronic souls that passed through the Consumer Electronics Show’s pearly concrete gates this year. Joining Nate is CNET.com’s Andy Hoyle. They discuss:

- Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold


- Meet MarsCat: The autonomous robot cat that just wants to do its own thing


- Alienware UFO concept


- Brydge’s Pro+ keyboard with trackpad for iPad Pro


- SanDisk unveils a portable 8TB SSD prototype and 1TB USB-C thumb drive


Patreon supporters have access to our ad-free, longer version of the show, which includes the above as well as additional discussions about:

- EXTRA STORYThe OnePlus Concept One is the fated end game of phone design


- Outtakes and more!

Check out Andy’s YouTube channel for his latest photography walkthroughs and tutorials, including the Peak District episode we discussed at the end of this week’s podcast.


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