I Know What Nate and Ian Did This Summer: TM 104 REGULAR VERSION

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WE'RE BACK! And this week on the regular version of TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian discuss:

- Apple TV 4K starts at £179 in the UK, and UK gets more channels added to the box
- Apple Watch Series 3 with 4G starts at £399 in the UK
- The U.S. Escaped Apple Watch's European Carrier Restrictions
- Photographer settles 'monkey selfie' legal fight (including giant Morris Rant)
- Vodafone looking at investing in full-fiber network in Britain

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- EXTRA STORY: Samsung’s Note 8 Rebate Is Great For Some, Terrible For Others
- Behind the scenes of why we took the summer off, and why other podcasts do too
- Insights into why Nate and Ian have ruined podcasts before now through lack of prep
- Very large discussion about using apps to track our children and loved ones
- Nate gets 390Mbps home internet and is very, very pleased about it

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