Startup growth in Sweden & the UK

Host: Natalia Brzezinski, CEO Brilliant Minds Foundation and Symposium Stockholm


Andreas Sjölund, Quinyx

Nancy Saleh, Epidemic Sound

Anne Charlotte Mornington, Olioex

Johan Nord, Trustly

Siddhartha Kunti, Materialise UK

The UK& Sweden’s tech sectors have experienced rapid growth over recent years, both across the countries and beyond. CEOs and founders get to a point when they need to decide where that second, third or fourth office should open. Shared between every growing tech company is the need for working infrastructure (broadband speed), reasonable living costs, working transport solutions, affordable workspace and perhaps most importantly access to funding and talent. 8 000 startups employ around 52 000 people in Sweden. The capital’s domestic market is small and therefore Swedish companies adopt a global approach from the start. The existing ecosystem is likely to drive further startup success. Many Swedish startups move to London as a springboard for international talent and expansion. We met with some growing Swedish and British businesses to get their take on the different markets, sharing their insights to successful start up strategies.

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