Digital Health - tech companies and NHS unravel the health care transformation

Disruptive cases from Sweden and UK: Are the tech and commercial world over enthusiastic at the impact of digital health on society? We are still organic human beings, after all.

New ideas and technologies prompt inventive solutions on the part of both the public and the private sector – as is the case in the field of digital health, hence the need to broaden our perspectives when discussing the impact of disruptive technologies.

Host: Natalia Brzezinski, CEO Brilliant Minds Foundation and Symposium Stockholm and Torbjörn Sohlström, Ambassador of Sweden to the UK.

Guests: Ali Parsa, Founder/CEO Babylon, Will Stoddart, Founder/CEO Werlabs, Johannes Schildt, Founder/CEO Kry, Tony Young, National Clinical Lead for Innovation NHS England, Michele Markus, Worldwide Enterprise Lead, Omnicom


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