Warning over scientists creating ‘risky’ self-spreading viruses

There’s a warning ‘risky’ self-spreading viruses being developed by scientists could have “irreversible consequences” for the planet.

An international team of academics at Kings College London led by Dr Filippa Lentzos say they’re worried about scientists attempting to develop viral vaccines by modifying viruses. At CES Hyundai have been offering people ‘virtual test drives’ of their concept cars using the metaverse. They’ve revealed concepts for new EVs and hydrogen-powered cars. Organisers of the annual E3 event say it’ll be held virtually this year because of the pandemic. A study is warning the number of adults living with dementia worldwide is expected to nearly triple. Social media firms which fail to protect their users could be fined up to £18billion under new online safety reforms. Plus Scientists have extracted human DNA from head lice samples for the first time, VW reveals a release date for its electric camper van, and why phones with physical keyboards aren’t dead.

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