Energy discounts for millions of vulnerable Brits

Energy suppliers are under investigation over reports of customers forced to switch to higher-tariff prepayment meters. Meanwhile, National Grid says they will pay people who turn off their power for the evening. Scientists explain why ‘Avatar motion capture technology’ could track onset of disease. Plus, an end to period-related toxic shock syndrome? Hygiene kit could help cut the risk of infections and infertility from menstrual products, with founder Erin Reid. Also in this episode:

  • World of Warcraft is going offline in China
  • Patients taking antidepressants can become less sensitive to rewards
  • UK & US Study: How beetroot juice helps you lift weights at the gym
  • UK government to give two biggest steelmakers £600 million to ‘go green’
  • West Country’s finest: four-year-old entering the high-IQ society Mensa

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