Activision Blizzard: Sony & Microsoft shares fall

Sony shares have fallen following news that Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard in what’s being called the biggest takeover in gaming history. A new report from The Royal Society says content removal alone won’t stop misinformation online. We hear from Professor Frank Kelly about what he would like to see in place to help tackle this issue. A man who was behind the wheel in a fatal Tesla Autopilot crash has been charged with ‘vehicular manslaughter’ in the first case of its kind. The ExoMars rover is one step closer to its mission after a successful landing test was completed. 

Plus, Facebook has patented a ‘robot eyeball’, the rollout of US 5G service has been delayed near key US airports over flight disruption fears and astronomers find SpaceX satellites are contaminating photos of space more than ever before. Also, how giant pandas stay chubby - and healthy - despite their bamboo diet.

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