How To Become A Millionaire Through Property Investing with Michael Dominguez

Property investing is an opportunity open to all of us. With the right knowledge, it's not even that difficult. It can become your retirement investment alongside your work or it can become a complete business for you.

Today Michael Dominguez is live on the Team Super Dad podcast. Michael wasn't looking for another career when he bought his first investment property. He simply wanted to carve himself a way out of the daily work grind and spend more time doing what he loved. Today he owns 11 apartment buildings and is able to carry out all of his investing work from the comfort of his favorite armchair.

So why don't more people do this?

"I dont have the money"

"It is too late to invest in property"

"I don't have the time"

Swap out the word property or real estate and they are pretty much the same excuses we use in most areas of life. Classic!

Join Michael and I as I found out how more of us can get involved in property or real estate investing

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