Manage Your Money So You Make More with Rob Schulz

When you manage your money well you will end up with more money. It is a painfully simple concept that a huge percentage of people never master. To be honest with you, it is a journey I am still on. It is not always exciting but the end result is....a healthy bank balance, no stress about finances, guilt-free holidays, and a retirement you can look forward to. Now that is the exciting part!

Rob Schulz is a Dad, author, and seriously well-respected finance dude! Hearing his down-to-earth, real-life experiences is what we all need. Rob runs Schulz Wealth, Ltd and is an Investopedia Top Financial Advisor. For more than 25 years, Rob has helped everyday people attain real-world financial success. More of which you should read in his book "Thoughts On Things Financial" linked below.

As well as having this powerful conversation Rob and I have discussed a live finance training and Q&A session in the Team Super Dad network. Come and join so you do not miss it. Link below 👇👇

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