Re:sound #155 The List Show (rebroadcast)

This hour, we're bringing you a favorite from our archive... to-do lists, compulsive lists, data lists, lists in literature and a list of firsts!

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The List

by Sean Cole, Ashley Ahearn and Nick van der Kolk (Love & Radio, 2011)

A man sets out to finish an unfinished list.

World's Longest Diary

by David Isay (Morning Edition, 1994)

An all-consuming list of every single little thing.

The Feltron Annual Report

by Roman Mars and Nate Berg (99% Invisible, 2011)

Anaylizing the data of life's minutiae.

They Didn't Get Along

by Rick Moody and Michael Hearst (Third Coast ShortDocs Challenge/Re:sound, 2006)

A list of things that clash.

First Love and 27 Other Firsts

by Whitney Jones (, 2012)

A love story, in the form of a list.

This episode of Re:sound was produced originally by Katie Mingle, and updated by Isabel Vázquez.


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