Re:sound #130 The Chicago Show (rebroadcast)

This hour, we're bringing you a favorite from our archive... Chicago. Hogbutcher to the world, jewel of the Midwest, and everything in-between.

Wild Onion by Gwen Macsai.

Chicago, as all Chicagoans know, means wild onion. Wild, as in feral, unpredictable, fierce, blustery, lunatic. Onion, as in layered, spicy, sometimes stinky, sometimes sweet, and always tear-inducing.

The Chicago Sound Drops:

  • Couple Two Tree by Sean Cole
  • Studs and Jimmy by Alan Hall
  • Riding Through the Summer by Katie Mingle,
  • Elevated (Grand Chicago) by Aaron Ximm
  • Chicago's Gangster by Heather Radke
  • Beat Street by Chris Sewell
  • The Big City by Sean Hurley
  • I've Never Lived in Chicago by Jonathan Mitchell

Tripping the Light Fantastic with Abraham Levitan by Delaney Hall and Jacob Anderson.

A visit to Chicago musician Abraham Levitan's apartment, in which he explains the process he goes through to write songs with just a few minutes of preparation.

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This episode of Re:sound was produced by originally produced Delaney Hall and updated by Isabel Vázquez.


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