Of Bodies and Minds

Three stories grappling with the messiness of the mind, the body, and being a person. This episode is best listened to with headphones and/or in a quiet place!

"Of Bodies and Minds" is one of four episodes of Best of the Best (2020), a nationally broadcast radio special produced each year by Third Coast. Each of episode of the series features winning stories from the 20th annual Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.

Songs of Speculation (excerpt) [abridged], by Jillian Walker and Ben Williams for category-other.com

Winner of the 2020 Audio Unbound Award

Songs of Speculation (excerpt) is a lecture that explodes into multi-form performance, calling on the body, time, and the power of music to reclaim histories forgotten or lost.

Not This Again [excerpt], produced by Allison Behringer with Hannah Harris Green, and edited by Bethany Denton with Cassius Adair & Caitlin Pierce for Bodies from KCRW. It was mixed by Myke Dodge Weiskopf, with music & sound design from Dara Hirsch. Lila Hassan provided translation assistance. The managing producer was Kristen Lepore.

Winner of the 2020 Best Documentary: Bronze Award

Angelina was a journalist living in Brooklyn when she was diagnosed with ALS. She now lives with her parents. How do you stay true to yourself when you rely on others to keep you alive?

A transcript of this story is available at KCRW.com/bodies.

Infinities [full story], produced by Boen Wang.

Winner of the 2020 Best New Artist Award

A story by a talented new artist concerning mental illness, toxic workplace environments, Egyptian Rat Screw, and the nature of infinity.

This episode of Best of the Best was produced by Isabel Vázquez.

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