The Art of Remembering

Why are some stories easier to forget than others? We speak to artists who are using their work to uncover the people who have been hidden from view. Led by artists, poets and activists, we explore how art can be used to address the erasure of important events that has led to a history of ‘misremembering.’

The podcast is presented by poet Bridget Minamore. Featuring artists Kara Walker, Hannah Catherine Jones and Rene Matić, Bristol's city poet, Vanessa Kisuule and Tate Collective Producers Libertee, Sai and Haris.

Visit the free Hyundai Commission: Kara Walker at Tate Modern from the 2 October 2019 – 5 April 2020. In partnership with Hyundai Motor. Supported by Sikkema Jenkins & Co. with additional support from Tate Americas Foundation. The exhibition is curated by Clara Kim and Priyesh Mistry.

The Art of Remembering is a Falling Tree production for Tate, produced by Zakia Sewell, executive produced by Hannah Geddes.

Photo: ​​© Rikard Österlund

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