What to do when you are frustrated by your slow rate of progress and transformation (Pod #525)

One of the foundational beliefs of the work I do is that every part of our system is working for our highest good. Even when the system isn't working perfectly, we can appreciate its intention is that we are healthy and safe.

For example, the part of me that is preventing me from talking about the work I do for a living is trying to help me avoid rejection, even though intellectually I know that not talking about my work will hinder my success. I know the approach isn't helpful, but I can appreciate why the resistance exists.

This is great except when we are unsure why the resistance is holding us back.

Recently, I was tapping on an issue with the phrase "I appreciate that this resistant part of my system is trying to keep me healthy, even though the way it is going about it is actually holding me back."

Before I even finished saying the phrase, another part of my system spoke up in what can only be described as a profanity-laced tantrum about how "No! It doesn't appreciate the resistance. AND the only reason I haven't healed is because of this #%^&*@ resistance!!!"

In this week’s podcast we look at how to tap when we are just like this part that’s frustrated at a lack of progress and unwilling to accept the intention of the resistance causing it.

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