It's OK to feel sad (Pod #494)

We have all been trained to push on, to push through, and to maintain a stiff upper lip.

Sometimes that isn't possible. Sometimes there are hard things in our lives and we feel overwhelmed with sadness.

Right now there is so much going on in the world. Many of us feel disconnected, isolated, alone, anxious and overwhelmed. Some days are OK, other days not so much.

Late last week I was having one of those down days. So I gave myself permission just to be sad. To feel my emotions fully and let the tears flow.

After a good cry I did a little more tapping and recorded that tapping session, so you can tap along with me if you like.

Know you aren't alone.

You can find the full tapping script of this audio as a pdf over at Tapping Q and A Podcast Scripts and Transcripts.

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