What is somatic literacy and why is it essential to healing? (Pod #516)

Our bodies are giving us information all day long. We feel pain when we are injured, our stomach rumbles when we are hungry, and we feel butterflies when we are nervous, to name a few examples.

But just because our bodies are sending us signals does not mean that we are paying attention or interpreting the signals correctly.

The ability to understand what the body is saying to us is often called "somatic literacy".

In this week's podcast I share with you four ways in which you can improve your somatic literacy. By doing this you will:

  • Understand the messages your body is sending you
  • Be able to respond to these messages so that you can be healthier
  • Get better at hearing your body's messages and do it consistently

Improving your somatic literacy will make it easier for you to heal and transform because you have a clearer sense of the issues you are facing.

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