How to tap when you hit emotional rock bottom UPDATE (Pod #527)

Tapping is an amazing tool that can help us to turn our mood around when we are going through a rough patch. It can also be powerful enough to clear out deeply rooted traumas and limiting beliefs.

When tapping for these types of issues the approach is fairly straightforward. Sometimes we are too close to the issue to tap effectively on our own and then the help of a skill tapping practitioner can be invaluable. Even when this happens, the process of the work itself is easy to understand.

There are other times where we just don't know where to start, such as when we hit rock bottom emotionally. This is way more than a low mood or a couple of challenging days. Hitting rock bottom means feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions, and any relief provided by tapping is fleeting.

In this week's podcast I share a straightforward four-step process you can use when you hit one of these patches. It's a useful process for rough times in general, but particularly potent when you are in despair and feel unable to bounce back from rock bottom.

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