SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Two new podcasts from Gene Monterastelli

Over the last few months I have been doing a lot of work on restructuring my business and reorganizing all of my content. This is a consequence of all the ways in which Tapping Q & A has changed and how I have evolved personally.

To make it easier for everyone to find the types of content that they are looking for I have created two new podcasts in addition to the Tapping Q & A Podcast.

Tapping Q & A Podcast: The Tapping Q & A Podcast will continue to focus on tapping. Its main focus will be on slightly more advanced and provocative tapping concepts. There will be a lot less tapping 101 content and much more on mastering the art of delivering tapping in a more effective way.

First Action, Best Action: One of the types of work I enjoy the most is helping people to eliminate self-sabotage so that they can take the most valuable actions over and over again and achieve their goals.

In doing this work I have come to realize that taking the best actions isn't just about organizing your to-do list well or having the right systems in place. It is also about changing the resource state that you are in when taking these actions. What I mean by "resource state" is whatever is impacting the resources we have at any given moment. This can include energy, focus, emotions we are feeling, and physical pain. If the first action we take is about changing our resource state, then all of the action we take after that will be better.

Thus the title First Action Best Action. Make your first action about changing your resource state for the better, which will allow you to take your best actions for the rest of the day.

The show is published four times a week. Most episodes are less than ten minutes long and will teach you one thing to help you get your day started on the right foot.

You can hear the full origin story of the podcast in episode 1.

You can subscribe to the show here: Apple Podcast | Spotify | Google Podcast | Amazon Music | Audible | RSS

Our Lady of Podcast: The second new podcast has nothing to do with tapping, productivity, or being more efficient in your day. Instead it is a personal spiritual reflection.

In each of the show's episodes I explore one of the titles of the Virgin Mary, such as Our Lady of Confidence, Cause of Joy, Mirror of Justice. Every episode is made up of three parts. First, I explore the virtue of the title and what it means. Second, I explore how I need this virtue in my life. Third, I reflect on how I am called to live that virtue out in my daily life.

This is a very personal podcast. To be honest, I am totally OK if no one but my mom listens to the show because it has been a vehicle for such valuable personal growth for me. Each episode takes around 20 hours of my time to produce, as I grapple with the content and try to wrap my mind around what I feel about it.

The first season is 10 episodes long, published approximately every two weeks.

I have written a book called "Prayer" to go along with the show. You can download a free copy here: https://ourladyofpodcast.com/ambassador/

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Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the podcasts.