Tapping For When Everything Goes Wrong (Pod #484)

There are times when things go wrong and then there are times when things REALLY go wrong. The week of recording this podcast my website was down for a number of days and I was unable to access my email.

I experienced a range of strong emotions around the situation including feeling frustrated, maddened and overwhelmed.

This week's podcast contains the tapping you can do when life is going very wrong. As well as tapping for the big picture "things are going very wrong" issue, I have also included tapping for how to calm down in the moment and how to tap where your emotions get the better of you and you do things you regret. (You will hear exactly why I needed to do that type of tapping in the audio.)

This is a tap-along that I recommend you bookmark and save so that when something similar comes up for you, you will be ready.

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