How to start every tapping session (Pod #532)

One of the biggest struggles reported by tappers when tapping on their own is knowing where to start and what to say. When we sit down to tap, all we often know is that we don't feel great.

In this week's podcast I share two phrases that you can use to start any tapping session to start you off on the right foot.

When you use these two simple phrases one of two things happen next. Either the phrases will get you going and your intuition will take over and lead you to what you should tap on next OR you can keep using the phrases over and over again, leading you to the relief you are seeking.

Even more important than these two phrases is the fundamental concept of healing on which they are based. I believe that this simple concept is one of the most important foundations of any kind of healing and personal transformation work.

Listen to the podcast to hear more about this idea and how you can incorporate it into your tapping.

Listen and learn!

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