The sneaky emotion we need to tap for (Pod #530)

One of the characteristics I most love about my clients is their capacity for compassion and their awareness of the suffering and struggles of others. Because this is the case, my clients are helpers and healers to others.

And this is a wonderful thing!

At the same time, when we are aware of the suffering of others, we have a tendency to shortchange our own transformation.

We end up saying things like "I have it so much better than other people."

But just because we are more fortunate than many others doesn't mean that we have to shortchange our transformation or feel selfish because we are taking care of ourselves.

The reality is if you feel (consciously or subconsciously) you are being selfish by trying to heal, then you will sabotage any efforts to create healing and transformation in your life.

In this week's podcast I am sharing a tap-along I did with one of the participants in the ID Transformation Retreat. During our follow-up sessions, a week after the retreat, one of the participants shared how selfish she was feeling for spending her time, money and focus on the retreat day.

The tapping I am sharing helped her to recognize that taking care of herself is not selfish, but actually an empowering step towards being the person she wants to be in the world.

Even if you don't think this is an issue you struggle with, I encourage you to tap along. I believe that this is one of the hidden issues that holds many of us back from creating the life we want.

On the off-chance you have this belief lurking in your subconscious mind, it is worth taking a few minutes to tap along to this.

You can find the full tapping script of this audio as a pdf over at Tapping Q and A Podcast Scripts and Transcripts.

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