Understand Neuroplasticity To Transform Anxiety With Tapping w/ Dr. Kim D'Eramo (Pod #517)

I am completely fascinated by the concept of neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is a term that refers to the ability of our brains to adapt to our environment and change with experience. That means that the brain's neurological pathways aren't set in stone, but are flexible and can be reshaped.

One one level we already understand this. We know that we can stop old habits (like smoking) and create new ones (like tapping).

At the same time, it wasn't until the 1960s that there was scientific proof that we could actually change our brains.

I find this really exciting for two reasons.

First, it means that we aren't stuck! We can change the way we see ourselves, see the world and, most importantly, change the way we feel.

Second, it makes me want to tap even more because it means I'm not just changing how I feel in the moment, it's also possible to make change at a neurological level that is lasting.

In this week's podcast my friend Dr. Kim D'Eramo and I discuss the relationship between neuroplasticity and the process of transforming anxiety and depression.

Kim gives a number of straightforward approaches that we can use with tapping to transform anxiety and depression in a way that isn't just about feeling better now, but will create long-term change.

Dr. Kim has also created an amazing 4-week program to help with chronic anxiety which you can read about here. (aff)

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Guest: Dr. Kim D'Eramo

Contact: web @ DrKimDeramo.com; instagram @drkimderamo; youtube @YouAttractWellness; facebook @DrKimDeramo

About: Dr Kim D'Eramo graduated medical school in 2002 from University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she also completed a Fellowship in Osteopathic Medicine and Medical Gross Anatomy, as well as an undergraduate Fellowship in Neuroanatomy. She completed her Emergency Medicine residency at Emory University in 2005, and is board certified in Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Kim founded The American Institute of Mind Body Medicine (AIMBM) to train other doctors and health practitioners how to activate the body's ability to heal itself. Through AIMBM, she conducts live workshops and retreats, and assists clients online internationally.

Dr. Kim and her husband Dr. Mario Torres-Leon produced a Top-10 podcast “The Thrive Doctors” featuring the latest in MindBody healing.
In 2012 she published The MindBody Toolkit, which was a #1 Amazon Bestseller, and her work has also been featured on national television networks in America.