Tapping For When You Hit An Emotional Wall (Pod #485)

Because of everything going on in the world at the moment, my theory is that we are all paying a 20% energy tax from the moment we get up. It's as if we are losing 20% of our energy before we have even started the day because of the underlying feelings of worry and overwhelm.

Some days these feelings are at the front of our minds and hearts, other days they're constantly playing in the background.

At some point these long term energy and emotional leaks add up and we just hit an emotional or energetic wall. Life feels too much for us to manage and we just break down.

This week I have a tap-along audio and tapping script to help when you feel like you have slammed into a brick wall.

Reminder: I have compiled a list of over 50 free tapping resources to help to manage all of the emotions stirred up by the pandemic.

You can find the full tapping script of this audio as a pdf over at Tapping Q and A Podcast Scripts and Transcripts.

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