What motorcycle jumps and lily pads have to do with healing (Pod #535)

In the last few months I have been giving a lot of thought to the nature of tapping and its applications. For the longest time I have thought of tapping as an approach to creating transformation.

I am starting to change my mind about this.

Instead of being a single approach, I begin to understand tapping as a tool that can accommodate multiple approaches that are dictated by the issue we are working on, the skill of the tapping practitioner, and whether we are working alone or with someone else.

The first level of analysis involves developing my understanding of what the healing process looks like for a particular issue.

Recently, I have been describing this with the help of an analogy involving motorcycle jumps and lily pads. In this week's podcast I talk about the difference between these two approaches and how they can make all the difference in the transformation that you can achieve with tapping.

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