Judging My Intention v My Action w/ Tapping (Pod # 469)

Note: This podcast is a part of the Healing Fundamentals series. The topics covered in this series move beyond the basics of tapping to understanding the healing process. By understanding these fundamentals you will be able to get more out of your tapping faster. Make sure you check out the whole series.

When we take an action we usually have an expectation about how it will work out. When I order lunch, my expectation is that the food will be tasty. When I launch a new product in my business, I expect to reach certain sales goals.

In addition to the outcome, we also have expectations of how we should feel when we are doing something. On one level it's not enough just to give a good presentation at work, because a part of us wants to feel completely in control and confident while giving that presentation.

This situation gives rise to a great deal of negative self-talk. We beat ourselves up in the moment for not doing well enough AND we beat ourselves up after the fact for not meeting our expectations. As well as feeling bad in the moment this means that we are also less likely to take action in the future.

Here is a simple way to quiet negative self-talk.

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