Tapping For Major Life Changes (Pod #490)

Managing major transitions and life changes can be difficult. Not only can these changes impact the work we do, where we live, and who we spend time with, they also impact the way we see ourselves and how others define us.

When we are going through major changes, a primitive part of the brain starts to kick into overdrive to keep us safe. This part of our subconscious mind wants to protect us in the belief that the more predictable our life is, the safer it is. This is so true that our subconscious mind will even choose a path or experience that is painful if it is an experience that is also predictable.

That means that when we are going through major life changes, we may be dealing with an additional layer of emotional unrest that’s overly alert to possible danger.

In this week’s podcast we tap for being emotionally calm in the face of a major life transition.

You can find the full tapping script of this audio as a pdf over at Tapping Q and A Podcast Scripts and Transcripts.

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