Your Brain, Your Organs, Your Nervous System, Your Emotions, And Tapping w/ Jen Cincurak (Pod #482)

The more time I spend studying the human body, the more its complexity amazes me. We are a combination of biological functions, thoughts, beliefs, memories, and an entire pharmacy of biochemistry that is released and absorbed by our bodies based on a whole host of factors.

Even though our system is so complex, it does work in predictable ways and this is true for the way we experience and remember trauma. Understanding how these processes work makes it easier to use tapping to create healing and transformation.

In this week's podcast Jen Cincurak and I explore how the brain, organs, and nervous system are involved in trauma. We also talk about how this understanding can make it easier to achieve more powerful results with tapping.

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Guest: Jen Cincurak

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About: Jen Cincurak is equal parts Naturopathic Doctor, EFT enthusiast and mindset anatomy geek. She loves talking about success blocks and money blocks and has even hosted two charity-driven money mindset summits. She’s put out over 220 podcasts on how to use EFT and other mindset tools to bolster success and has recently been collaborating with other leaders in the field to increase awareness around the anatomy and safety of doing personal work like EFT.