Best of Season 8

In this episode we look back over Season 8 picking out a selection of highlights and some of the most memorable moments from the artists and producers we were lucky enough to speak to.

If you haven’t heard every episode from the last season, this is a good way to introduce yourself to some of the guests we’ve had on and hear some of their top studio tips, writing processes and all-round philosophies towards creating a record. 


You’ll hear highlights from: 

Royal Blood

Girl In Red and Matias Tellez


Dodie and Joe Rubel

Johnny Flynn and Charlie Andrew

Fred Again..

Easy Life and Rob Milton


Listen to the albums featured this season with the links below.

Royal Blood - ‘Typhoons’

Girl In Red and Matias Tellez - ‘if i could make it go quiet’

Rostam - ‘Changephobia’

Dodie and Joe Rubel - ‘Build a Problem’

Johnny Flynn and Charlie Andrew - ‘Lost in the Cedar Wood’

Fred Again.. - ‘Actual Life (April 14th – December 17th 2020)‘

Easy Life and Rob Milton - ‘Life's A Beach’



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‘Typhoons’ - Warner Records UK, Imperial Galactic Limited, Black Mammoth 

‘if i could make it go quiet’ - World In Red, AWAL Recordings

‘Changephobia’ - Matsor Projects

‘Build a Problem’ - doddleoddle, The Orchard

‘Lost in the Cedar Wood’ - Transgressive, Johnny Flynn

‘Actual Life (April 14th – December 17th 2020)’ - Warner Music UK Limited. An Atlantic Records UK, 2021 Fred Gibson

‘Life's A Beach’ - Universal Music, Island Records