TN:76 Easy Life & Rob Milton

In this episode, John is reunited with Murray Matravers from Easy Life and producer Rob Milton, to talk about how they wrote, recorded and produced the band’s debut album ‘Life’s A Beach'.

From recording in and around lockdowns, in basements, bedrooms and studios, Murray and Rob reflect on the writing process, singling out the sounds, ideas and samples that encapsulate the meaning within the songs.

As well as thoughts on retaining fun in the music and creating joke ideas, we hear stories of intentionally not wanting things to sound good, along with the not very Easy Life elements that are crucial to an Easy Life track.

Listen to find out what to do when you’re stuck in garage MC mode, how many times Rob recorded the word ‘Skeletons’, and which synth line made Murray cry (and still does).

Tracks discussed:  skeletons, ocean view, homesickness


Listen to ‘Life’s A Beach’ here.

‘Life’s A Beach’ - Universal Music, Island Records




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