TN:73 dodie & Joe Rubel

In this episode John heads over to Pixel Studios to chat with Dodie and producer Joe Rubel about how the album ‘Build A Problem’ was written, recorded and produced.

Unearthing Dodie’s first phone recordings made in her bedroom, the pair dig into the ways in which they preserved and developed her DIY/scrapbook sound in the studio. 

As well as lots of sumptuous album easter eggs, Joe indulges us in a multitude of audio tricks. We find out how they managed to flawlessly capture Dodie’s incredibly quiet, intimate vocals, as well as the sounds of windows, Tupperware, screaming and people's thighs.

Listen to hear tales of mood-matching songs and lyrics (then the doing the opposite), how Dodie’s Instagram followers influenced a guitar tuning, and the effects of revisiting songs in different head spaces.

Tracks discussed: Special Girl, Sorry, Before the Line


Listen to ‘Build a Problem’ here. 

‘Build a Problem’ - doddleoddle, The Orchard


Intro Music - Sunshine Buddy, Laurel Collective 



Shure SM7B 

Kemper Amps

Thermionic Culture Vulture

Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor 


Any Sponge



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