TN:70 Royal Blood

In this episode, John heads down to Royal Blood’s secret studio near Brighton to catch up with Mike and Ben about how they wrote, recorded and produced their chart-topping album ‘Typhoons’.

Having written the majority of the record apart from each other in lockdown, the duo reflect on their creative process, from forming demos on the living room sofa to dipping their toes in musical moves they’ve never had the guts to do before.

Incorporating the dance floor into their world for the first time, we hear how they combined disco influences with sounds from the depths of hell, as well as the inside details on song structuring, adapting drum parts, and tricks to help nail vocal writing. 

Listen to find out how a looped mistake can become the basis of a hook, how a £30 amp from eBay helped form the majority of the record’s sound, and how Brad Pitt almost made a feature.

Tracks discussed: Typhoons, Limbo, Mad Visions


Listen to ‘Typhoons’ here.

‘Typhoons’ - Warner Records UK, Imperial Galactic Limited, Black Mammoth 



Apollo Twin X

Universal Audio Preamps

Shure SM7


Soundtoys PanMan




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