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(Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1993): The roar of explosives devastated the peace of the valley. Tibor had covered his ears with his hands before Milo flicked the detonator switch, but the thudding explosion set off the bells in his head again. He dropped his hands as dust and grit rained down on him and his men. When the dust cleared, it revealed the shattered shell of the century-old farmhouse. 

Both Sides of the Story is a short story collection written and narrated by Robert Fairhead. Written for a major UK writing competition in 1994 and inspired by Phil Collins’ 1993 hit song, the collection contains four self-contained vignettes and a fifth that ties together and resolves the five short stories. Westminster, Bosnia, A Council Flat, and The Gym are the vignettes. And Bad News is the fifth and final piece.

Robert shared Both Sides of the Story on the Tall And True writers’ website in 2019 and published the ebook collection in 2020. The podcast version consists of six instalments, an introduction, followed by the five vignettes. In the earlier podcast episode, Both Sides of the Story - Introduction, Robert explained how he wrote the short story collection. And at the end of each vignette, he provides insight into that episode’s short story.

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Writer's Insight for Both Sides of the Story - Bosnia

In February 1994, I wrote a short story for the Ian St James Awards, inspired by Phil Collins’ 1993 hit song, Both Sides of the Story.

At the time, the news was full of stories about perpetrators of crimes for whom the public (including me!) felt little sympathy. But one night, I watched the Phil Collins-Both Sides music video on MTV, with its juxtaposed scenes of violence and backstories. And I wondered if I could similarly show both sides of the news in a short story.

I wrote Both Sides of the Story as four self-contained vignettes and a fifth that ties together the pieces and resolves the “larger” short story. Bosnia, set in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993, is the second of the vignettes. And the material for it came from the news I read in the daily newspapers and saw on the evening TV back then about the war taking place in Bosnia. 

As I stressed in the earlier Introduction episode, my intention in writing this short story in 1994 was not to be an apologist for the characters or their actions. Then, as it is now, my goal was simply to follow Phil Collins’ lead and try to imagine both sides of the story.

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