Visual Storytelling with Mitch Torres

Actor, writer, director, producer and documentary filmmaker, Mitch Torres shares her insights into the media industry with Joseph Cardona, AFTRS Project Coordinator in the AFTRS Indigenous Unit. Mitch is a Djugun, Jabirr Jabbir, Yawuru, Gooniyandi, and Walmajarri woman from Broome and has been in the media industry for over 30 years. In this Talk at AFTRS, she discusses career transitions; from presenter (SBS, ABC) to journalist (GWN’s magazine program Millbindi) to broadcaster (Goolarri, WAAMA 6NR) to producer (ABC Kimberley) to filmmaker (Jandamarra’s WarWhispering In Our Hearts). Passionate about visual storytelling, she explains the power of the medium and the importance of cultural safety and the fundamental need to treat all stories with respect. 

Produced by Rhi Mooney & Fyona Smith.

Assistant Producers Wendy Gray and Alicia Emery.

Presented by: Nell Greenwood 

Voice Over: Cam St Clair

Intro: Chris Neave

Music: Extreme Music - Andrew James Christie, Billie Ray Fingers, Bruce Fingers, Jasha Alain Klebe

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