Alan Parsons - From The Rooftop to the Dark Side Of The Moon

Producer/engineer Alan Parsons is the guy wearing the orange shirt, black tie and striped jacket in Peter Jackson’s “Get Back” documentary about The Beatles. Alan worked for Abbey Road Studios at the time, and explains what his role in the rooftop concert was, how he first met The Beatles, what he learned from Producer George Martin and longtime Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick, and how The Beatles were in the studio during the making of the “Abbey Road” album. Alan also engineered the Pink Floyd masterpiece, “Dark Side Of The Moon,” and shares the stories behind creating the incredible sound effects for “Time” and “Money,” and the echoey vocals on “Us And Them.” He comments on Mike Myers using the Alan Parsons Project in the Austin Powers movie, scoring his first hit record with the band Pilot, and what inspired him to start his own band, The Alan Parsons Project. Plus, Alan has details about his brand-new solo studio album, “From the New World,” which is available now wherever you buy or stream music.