Backstage with Metallica & The Rolling Stones

Heather “Foster” Kjollesdal has been touring with Metallica and the Rolling Stones for over 20 years! She’s the Dressing Room Coordinator by title (but so much more in reality) for both bands and that means she’s responsible for the backstage area and sets up everything from their personal dressing rooms to the band community rooms and catering to their show wardrobe and quick changes. Foster explains how she originally got the gigs, and what it was like meeting Metallica and the Stones for the first time. She breaks down the 9 Metallica rooms backstage, the 15 individual rooms on the Stones’ tour, the various details that go into each, and how she keeps track of furniture, knick-knacks, and special equipment and requests on each stop of the tour. She also talks about walking Metallica and the Stones to the stage each night and the preparations she makes for that walk, and then what happens post-show. She has amazing stories about the late, great Stones drummer Charlie Watts, Lars Ulrich, and the many celebrity VIPs she’s met over the years including Johnny Depp. Plus, she talks about being tour manager for Van Halen with David Lee Roth, and spending time on the road with U2.