The 2022 UFO Congressional Hearings - Why Now?

"The Paranormal 60" host, and longtime friend of the show, Dave Schrader, returns to talk about UFOs and the recent Congressional hearings. Dave has some thoughts and theories as to why the government is finally acknowledging UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) as they refer to them, and the timing of all these disclosures. He’s talking about the significance of the hearings, breaking down who was there, and the importance of the government’s agenda. He’s also explaining some of the documented sightings and footage captured by military and commercial pilots, and even major airports like Chicago O’Hare. He runs through the Battle of Long Beach, and the Gimble Footage, and analyzes UFO sightings that date back to the Renaissance and are depicted in paintings by master artists of the time. Plus, Dave details his own personal experiences with UFOs, including some of the incredible sightings he’s witnessed at Trout Lake, Washington.