Rachel Ama on her Birth Story, Motherhood & Making Plant Based Accessible

Rachel Ama (she/her) is a cookery author and YouTuber with over half a million subscribers. A new Mum, Rachel has spent the last year in London, writing her most accessible and delicious book yet “One Pot, Three Ways: Save Time With Vibrant, Versatile, Vegan Recipes.” The recipes revolve around one main centrepiece dish that makes flavour-packed vegetables the worthy hero of every meal. With over 80 brand new recipes inspired by her Caribbean and African roots, Rachel offers three creative and flavoursome ways to serve and use each one-pot recipe. It is an absolute delight, just like Rach.

In this episode, we discuss her birth story, relationship with her mum, parenting style, thoughts on the vegan community, her ambition to make plant based food and cooking accessible for everyone and much more.

I use strong language more than a few times in this episode (I think it was due to the excitement of being reunited with my pal), so please bear that in mind if you're listening with people who might take offence.

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