Talking Tastebuds with Michael Miller (London Meditation Centre)

Michael Miller is the co-founder of London Meditation Centre. After learning Vedic meditation under the world renowned Thom Knoles, he saw positive changes in his own life. Thom suggested he became a teacher, which lead to leaving his corporate job to study for 2 years and undertake several extended trips to India.

In 2007, Michael completed a three-month residential training programme and began a full-time teaching career. In early 2008, he founded the London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Centre with his partner Jillian. Since then, Michael has spoken to more than 6,000 people about meditation, stress, creativity, neuroscience and peak performance. He has presented to tech companies, non-profits, government institutions and business organisations and taught thousands of people to be self-sufficient meditators - including me!

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