Meditation teacher Michael James Wong on finding peace

Michael James Wong (he/him) is the founder of Just Breathe and a leading voice in the global movement for modern mindfulness. He is an author, speaker, community leader and meditation teacher who is dedicated to expanding the conversation around the mind and mental health. Michael is internationally recognised for his work in the wellness community as both as an advocate and entrepreneur. He writes books about hope and is the voice behind the Just Breathe meditation app.

In his inspiring and beautiful new book 'SENBAZURU, Small Steps For Hope Healing and HappinessMichael shares a personal collection of short stories and teachings, accompanied by traditional hand-painted proverbs and prayers. Together these bring to life gentle wisdoms and universal truths to guide a meaningful way of living. Shared throughout the book in twelve straightforward steps is also the powerful practice of orizuru, the art of folding paper cranes, a journey that will encourage you to slow down and create a hopeful perspective for the future.

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