Lucy Siegle: Turning The Tide On Plastic + Slowing Fast Fashion

Lucy Siegle is an author, journalist and presenter. She is a reporter for BBC’s The One Show and has written for publications including The Guardian, The Observer and Huffington Post.

In 2010, she wrote ‘To Die For’, which is credited as being the go-to text on the fashion industry’s ecological and human footprint. After the release of the book, the worst industrial tragedy in the history of fashion took place in Bangladesh, where an eight-storey commercial building named Rana Plaza collapsed. Lucy’s book and this tragedy formed the basis of the 2015 documentary The True Cost. If you haven’t seen it, find it on Netflix because it will completely shift your perception of the fashion industry.

Last year, Lucy published ‘Turning The Tide On Plastic’: a practical, inspiring book, that serves as a much-needed call to arms to end the plastic pandemic and gives useful tools on how to make changes in our everyday lives and advice on how to demand long-lasting action.

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