Talking Tastebuds with Jack Harries

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Jack Harries is a filmmaker, environmentalist and WWF ambassador. He rose to fame after he launched a highly successful YouTube channel which he ran with his identical twin brother Finn, to document his Gap Year. We discuss his journey to veganism, the hypocrisy of sustainability, mental health, therapy and of course, food. I’m only sad to say that this interview was recorded just a short while before Jack was arrested for protesting with Extinction Rebellion at the International Petroleum Conference, where gas and oil tycoons gathered in their glad rags, trying to pretend that we don’t have a global catastrophe on our hands. Jack, you're a hero.

“It’s difficult to talk about environmentalism without being a hypocrite. It’s almost impossible to leave the house without having some kind of negative impact on the environment - unfortunately that’s just the way it is. But I don’t think it should stop you being able to have these conversations if you’re not the most perfect environmentalist because then no one would have these conversations and nothing would change. You have to have these personal inner conflicts because it forces you to think about your own lifestyle.”

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