Talking Tastebuds with Megan Crabbe, Nicole Crentstil and Natalie Glaze (Live in London)

I am delighted to be bringing you this very special episode in celebration of International Women’s Day, recorded LIVE on Saturday 9th March in Shoreditch at The Body Shop’s 'Celebrate She' event.

I’m joined by three brilliant panelists: Nicole Crentsil, Natalie Glaze and Megan Jayne Crabbe to discuss female empowerment, being your own boss, failing, trusting your gut and so much more. I hope you love it! Please share the episode with your friends and on your Instagram stories - it makes a huge difference.

"Female empowerment or feminism in general is about allowing women - and that’s anyone who identifies as a woman - to live and thrive on her own terms. Set her own rules, not be ashamed, not be apologetic about any part of herself and her identity." Megan Jayne Crabbe.


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