Gina Martin on upskirting and changing the law

[CW: sexual assault] Gina Martin is a campaigner, speaker and writer, best known for founding and running the national campaign to make upskirting illegal and changing English and Welsh law by creating the Voyeurism Act. Three other countries have since followed suit. In 2020, alongside Black plus size model Nyome Nicholas Williams and photographer Alex Cameron, Gina helped change Instagram’s Nudity policy, which previously censored larger Black women’s bodies. 

Gina’s first book Be The Change, is a practical guide for activists starting out. She’s also an ambassador UN Women UK and advocates for regular people creating change in their communities, with a specific focus on young people, as you’ll hear in this episode.

We also talk about Gina’s campaigning, touching on the less glamorous side that doesn’t make into mainstream media, the lessons she’s learned and the depths of what she’s been through.

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This episode was co-produced by Venetia La Manna and Holly Falconer and edited by Nada Smiljanic. The music was composed by William Haxworth and the artwork was designed by Alex Sedano.

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