Talking Tastebuds with Dr Robin Hart, Cat Meffan & Rhiannon Lambert (Live in London)

How important is our hormonal health and how should we be eating to help maintain well-being down there…?

In this bonus episode, I was joined by a panel of experts to discuss this very topic. Recorded LIVE at Soho House, on Tuesday 31st July 2018.


Dr Anita Mitra is a London based NHS doctor working in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, with experience in both clinical medicine and research. Alongside her clinical training, Dr Anita is currently completing her PhD on the vagincal microbiome and cervical precnancer.

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Emma Cannon is a fertility and women’s health expert, registered acupuncturist, founder of the Emma Cannon Clinic, and a mentor and speaker. With over 20 years in clinical practice, from her fertility rooms she has helped countless patients achieve their dream of having a family. She is the author of four books including the best-selling The Baby Making Bible. Her fifth book, FERTILE, was published in March 2017.

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