Aja Barber on Overconsumption & Fast Fashion Influencers

Welcome to series 3!

Aja Barber is a writer, stylist and consultant whose work deals with the intersections of sustainability and the fashion landscape, building heavily on ideas behind privilege, wealth inequality, racism, feminism and colonialism.

Her brand new debut book “Consumed: The need for collective change; colonialism, climate change & consumerism”, is a blazing polemic against both the exploitation and injustice of the fashion industry and the cynical manipulation of consumer culture as a whole. It’s divided into one learning section and one unlearning section, so by the end, you’ll understand why fashion is exploitative, how it’s causing a humanitarian crisis and contributing to climate breakdown and you’ll feel equipped to be a better consumer and, fundamentally, a more active citizen. 

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This episode was produced by Venetia La Manna and edited by Nada Smiljanic. The music was composed by William Haxworth and the artwork was designed by Alex Sedano.

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