Andria Zafirakou

Andria Zafirakou (she/her) is "the best teacher in the world". Andria is art and textiles teacher at Alperton Community School in Brent, one of the world’s most ethnically diverse places. She has worked her entire teaching career of 15 years at Alperton Community School and is now Associate Deputy Headteacher leading on staff professional development. In 2018, she won $1million when she was crowned “the best teacher in the world” by the Varkey Foundation. Using the prize money awarded by the Global Teacher prize, Andria founded a charity called Artists in Residence (AiR) with an aim to improve arts education in schools. Andria’s brand new debut book “Those Who Can, Teach: What It Takes to Make the Next Generation” is an inspiring story about what it takes to work on the frontlines of education today. A call for people to value the arts in state education, as well as a powerful reminder that a teacher ready to listen can transform a young person's life. I LOVED it. As did my mum. As did my husband. A must read!

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