Talking Tastebuds with Carly Rowena

Carly Rowena is a Norwich based personal trainer, vlogger and blogger, founder of the Get Gorgeous Guide Ebook and ambassador for Women’s Health Magazine. 

Carly is a Cross Fit fanatic, but she’s also the self-confessed ‘girl next door’ of the fitness world, with her workout videos being professional yet also accessible. If you’ve never done a burpee or a bicep curl, Carly is the girl who will make you feel ok about your first step into a gym. 

She isn’t afraid of speaking about taboo subjects like the female orgasm, birth control and sponsored social posts on her platforms. Her approach to food is honest and she is the total embodiment of balance within the realm of wellness - which is why she is the perfect guest for this podcast. 

Watch Carly’s 'This Is Me video' on YouTube via this link:

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