Talking Tastebuds with Patrick Drake (Hello Fresh)

Patrick Drake is the co-founder and head chef of the UK's number one food delivery service, Hello Fresh. Launched in 2012, HelloFresh allows customers to pick their favourite recipes from a weekly menu, to receive the fresh ingredients delivered to their door in the exact quantities. 

You’ve probably spotted Patrick in the Hello Fresh TV adverts, or on their YouTube channel, cooking up a storm. He is soon to front their forthcoming cookbook ‘Recipes That Work’ - the 100 Best Recipes from the past 6 years of Hello Fresh, tried and tested by their valued customers. 

It’s easy to see why P Dizzle was recently named one of the most influential people in London by the Evening Standard. He’s warm, charismatic and hugely knowledgable. What's more, the Hello Fresh Farm walls are adorned by photos of Patrick with Jamie Olivier. We talked for well over an hour and I've no doubt, there's even more ground to cover. I really hope you enjoy it. 

Follow Patrick: @PatrickDrakeChef @HelloFreshUK

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