Talking Tastebuds with James Duigan

This week, I’m chatting to the king of wellness: James Duigan. Mr 'Clean And Lean' is the creator and founder of the international boutique gym Bodyism, the author of seven books and the proud parent of three children. When he’s not training celebrities (past clients include Elle Macpherson, Lara Stone and Emilia Clarke), you might find him perfecting his Ju Jitsu (he competes at a world class level), or in the kitchen with his kids rustling up his favourite seasonal stew. 

In this episode, James talks about changing his diet as a child to cure his ADHD, being homeless when he moved to London and his health philosophy: forgiveness and kindness.

I really hope you enjoy this interview. You can follow James on social media @JamesDuigan @Bodyism.


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