Talking Buysiness#42 Interview with Jaen Snyman, Empired practice manager for the modern workplace

Scott Morrison declares coal will be used for decades to come, dismissing Boris Johnson’s claim that the COP26 climate summit has sounded a death knell on coal.

CEO behaving badly…Chapter XXX. Oil Search sued for bullying female CFO out of a job.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s warning that interest rates could be higher without the Coalition in power hosed down by Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe.

Governments must set a date for banning the sale of cigarettes through retailers including supermarkets, and find new ways of boosting revenue without relying on tobacco excise taxes, leading public health researchers say

The total value of Australian banknotes has doubled in a decade, and is up 20% since the start of the pandemic as more Australians hoard cash under their mattresses

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